Actions speak louder
than words

It’s what we do that matters. Philanthropy and giving extends beyond an option for our clients; the Paradigm Norton Trust was set up to embrace our role in society and make a positive impact on the world.

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At Paradigm Norton we care about more than just profits. One of the ways we live our values is through the Paradigm Norton Trust. A percentage of our profits is given to the Trust to be managed by the trustees and distributed by the governing council.

Since its inception in 2007 we have donated £260,656 to over 191 charities* We concentrate on charities where we can have maximum impact and focus on smaller, local charities or charities working in developing countries where every £1 can go a little further. Supporting financial education is another area we centre on. We are keen to increase our impact here as, after all, it is what we do.

The Trust receives many requests for donations. Team members, clients and professional contacts are also encouraged to make suggestions. These are screened according to the criteria of the Trust’s Distribution Policy and then considered at the meetings of the Governing Council. We have one partner charity, Za Foundation, and numerous Core Causes. Four charities tell their stories of how the Trust has benefited them.

*Details correct as at 24th January 2019

“The Paradigm Norton Trust optimizes Paradigm Norton as a firm. We strive to make an impact to the lives of our clients, as well as the local community and overseas. People matter is a value of the firm, the Trust helps us deliver this value.”

Steve Williams, Senior Financial Planner & Chairman of the Paradigm Norton Trust


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Figures correct as at end of 2017