Client Films

The whole purpose of our service is to free our clients to live their life, to follow their passions and goals.

Here we celebrate some of the passions that our clients live for.



A comfortable retirement.
When you are approaching or in retirement you need to feel comfortable that your finances are working for you. Here Peter and Priscilla tell us about the comfort they gain from having a financial expert on hand to educate them and do the worrying for them. Giving them the freedom to enjoy retired life in the country.

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The availability of choices.
Having choices is one of the outcomes of successful financial planning. Here Tina Kothari, a client since 2017, reveals her love for food and creative cooking. Tina shares with us her views on money management and how, by working with Paradigm Norton, she has achieved her desire to have choices so she can live her life as it happens.

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Giving our clients confidence.
Taking the time to appreciate your strengths and weaknesses can help you succeed in life. Not all of our clients want to understand the intricacies of their financial matters and decide to outsource this area. Here we talk to Butter Wakefield about her relationship with money and why outsourcing her financial planning gives her the confidence to concentrate on her strengths and focus on growing her garden design business.

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Everything we do is for our clients.
Through financial planning we liberate our clients to live the life they desire and to follow their passions and goals. Here we celebrate Bridget McCrum’s passion for sculpture. A client since 2007, we helped Bridget lessen the burden of Inheritance Tax.

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Celebrating our clients.
Charlie Jones, a client since 2013, wanted to make sure his investments were working for him. As an artist Charlie wanted to spend his time concentrating on his work. Here Charlie shares with us his love and passion for life, music, family and his journey working with Page and Plant, Goldfrapp and others.

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Helping our clients follow their dreams.
Clients Andy and Sally wanted a financial plan that would allow them to remain financially independent and their investments to reflect their values and beliefs. Their Good Mud Community Growing Project is educating their own and other children about the benefits of locally grown food. In this film they share with us their hopes and aspirations for the future of the project.

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