No-froth conversations exploring money and life.

People are often inhibited when it comes to talking about money for a whole host of reasons whether cultural, religious or personal experience. Many of us carry money stories from childhood that continue to influence us as adults. Some struggle to see that money is just a means to an end and that the decisions we make around money can change our life. 

That’s why we launched the Money Espresso podcast with our Non-exec Director Ruth Sturkey:

“I have always been fascinated by people’s relationship with money, the decisions they take and the impact that can have on their lives and those around them. Money remains a taboo subject.  I’d like to change that. My hope is that the shared experiences of our guests inspires listeners to talk more openly, think differently about their finances and make better money and life decisions”. Ruth Sturkey

Ruth’s guests come from all walks of life, sharing personal stories, discussing the influence money has had on their decisions, and what money means to them now. She delves into the tricky money and life questions people wrestle with, leaving listeners with some money pearls of wisdom and a shot of inspiration!

From money taboos to money as energy – interview with Barry Horner

In this episode I chat to Barry Horner. Barry is Co Founder and CEO at Paradigm Norton. He is a thought leader within the financial …

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How to make the most of your money – interview with Michelle Cracknell

In this episode I chat to Michelle Cracknell, CBE. After studying Civil Engineering at Imperial College Michelle pursued a career in finance training as an …

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Investing is easy; it’s managing emotions that’s hard – interview with Tim Hale

In this episode I chat to Tim Hale, Founder and Managing Director of Albion Strategic Consulting to learn why an active fund manager came to …

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From leaving school at 16 to vice chair at Deloitte – interview with Paula Higgleton

Paula left school at 16 to a job in the VAT office in Southend, where she grew up. A discerning manager noticed her talent and …

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Don’t focus on goals, let values and purpose guide you – interview with Carl Richards

In this episode I chat to Carl Richards, a Certified Financial Planner, international keynote speaker and thought leader. Carl simplifies the complex using sketches and …

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Giving back and modelling good money behaviours to children – interview with Sarah Lord

In this episode I chat to Sarah Lord who shares her journey from a Medical Biochemistry degree, to Financial Planner, to President of the Personal …

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On a mission to ‘remove as many barriers to education as humanely possible’ – interview with William Adoasi

In this episode I chat to William Adoasi about his journey from a council estate in South London to founding the innovative watch brand, Vitae …

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A Hippy in a capitalist’s body on a mission to democratise finance – interview with Holly Mackay

In this episode I chat to Holly Mackay, finance and investment expert, and founder and Managing Director of Boring Money. She talks about her mission …

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How religion and finance come together – interview with Martin Ruskin

In this episode I chat to Martin Ruskin. Martin is a Client Director at Paradigm Norton and Board Member of the Chartered Institute of Securities …

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From winning the Rugby World Cup, to FTSE 100 Director to life in the Highlands – interview with Genevieve Shore

Genevieve talks about winning the Women’s Rugby World cup in 1994 and the challenge of playing amateur sport at the highest level whilst building a …

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On business as a force for good and where true fulfilment lies – interview with Mark Cuddigan

In this episode I chat to Mark Cuddigan who shares his journey from tennis coach and DJ to CEO of Ella’s Kitchen and his passion …

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‘But are they happy?…’ – interview with Tommy Watson

Tommy talks about life growing up as the son of a professional footballer and his early money and life lessons. We talk about his career …

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Money and currency? don’t confuse the two – interview with Tina Kothari

In this episode I chat to Tina Kothari. Tina came to England as a small baby. She tells her story from getting a Philosophy Degree, …

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Being a ‘Liberated Spender’ and preparing teenagers for University and life – interview with William Pratt

In this episode I chat to William about his life and money journey in an episode that is ram packed with wisdom. William is the …

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The two things not spoken of at dinner parties; money & sex – interview with Emmanuel Gobillot

In this episode I chat to Emmanuel Gobillot who shares his journey from a ‘railway estate’ in Burgundy to becoming one of Europe’s most sought …

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From law to the radical redistribution of wealth; a woman on a mission – interview with Stephanie Brobbey

In this episode I chat with Stephanie Brobbey. A Londoner, born to Ghanian parents, Stephanie recently gave up an offer of Partnership in a law …

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Episode 17 Money Espresso

On dancing with death & elation – An Interview with Sue Baker

Sue Baker, OBE, mental health campaigner and founder of Mind’s Time to Change ground breaking movement, shares her journey of public service and surviving a …

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