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Steve Watters

Project Manager

“Helping an organisation like Paradigm Norton to operate effectively seems an art as much as a science. I enjoy thinking about the big picture and working with others to create change.”

Steve’s focus is on our operations, systems and use of technology. He likes thinking about the complete picture, but also has an eye for detail.

Steve helps Paradigm Norton to operate effectively by looking at how we can work in smarter ways, seeking improvements in our systems and processes so that it’s easier for our team to do their work with excellence.

Steve has worked with Paradigm Norton since 2011 and brings a wealth of experience across management, operations and IT. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute and has worked with a range of values-led organisations on their development, including charities, social enterprises and businesses.

Outside of work

Steve has previously worked in less economically developed countries. Now in the UK his values often lead him to be involved in charitable or voluntary work. He is currently Chair of a housing charity that supports people who have come to the UK as refugees seeking asylum.

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