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Ruth Sturkey

Client Director

“I spend my time talking and providing advice to really interesting people. When I am not doing that I am helping to shape the Paradigm Norton Team and financial planning offering; I view this as a tremendously privileged position to be in.”

Ruth co-founded and led The Red House, a boutique financial planning firm, which she merged into Paradigm Norton in December 2017. She continues to help build the merged business whilst growing a team of talented individuals where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

A well-known and influential member of the financial planning profession, Ruth is regularly asked to comment and speak at industry and women’s events.

Ruth shares her life lessons and thoughts on planning for the future in regular blogs with clients. These inspirational stories are taken from life events and unite Ruth’s views of life with her expertise in financial planning, showcasing how the two are so heavily interwoven.

Outside of work

Outside of work Ruth enjoys life…being a keen diner and a theatre and cinema fan she can normally be relied upon for a good restaurant recommendation and the latest film and theatre reviews. With a bit of yoga and swimming thrown in for good measure!

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