Mia Smith Paradigm Norton Financial Planning Graduate

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Mia Smith

Gradutate Financial Planner

"I’ve really enjoyed becoming part of the Paradigm Norton team, it’s like a second family."

After graduating from Bristol Uni having studied a degree in Economics, Mia was uncertain about which direction to take. Mia is the 6th Paradigm Norton Graduate and will progress through the five-year programme to become a Certified and Chartered Financial Planner.

In her first year Mia will take on responsibility for client reports and recommendations, moving progressively towards owning client relationships and managing client portfolios.

Outside of work

Having moved to the big city of Bristol from sleepy Somerset, Mia has enjoyed experiencing the wide variety of cafes and markets Bristol has to offer. But she hasn’t been able to leave it all behind, and loves spending her Sunday afternoons with her dog, George.

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