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Indira Nandha

Client Accountant

“Paradigm Norton are a great company to work for. I get the chance to work with a wide range of businesses, my role is continually evolving and I enjoy being presented with new challenges.”

Indi is part of our Business Services team and supports our clients with their accountancy and business needs. This can range from preparing accounts, projections, VAT returns and helping clients to set up their internal accountancy systems. Indi has also used her expertise to help clients recruit experienced bookkeepers.

As part of her role Indi helps set up new accountancy software for our clients. This includes training and advising them on how to use the software effectively. She enjoys sharing her knowledge of the different packages to produce management information which helps businesses work more effectively. Every business Indi works with is different and that brings a high level of diversity to her role. This means Indi is presented with new, wide-ranging challenges every day and she has become adept at problem solving, an invaluable skill in her role.

Indi joined Paradigm Norton in 2011 when they merged with Anning & Co. Prior to joining Anning & Co in 1994, Indi was a management accountant at Imperial Tobacco, in their international team.

Outside of work

Weekends are often spent in London visiting her two children. It’s also a great excuse to spend time enjoying her passion for the theatre, with Blood Brothers rating as one of her most watched productions. Indi has built a reputation as an excellent cook; her savoury bakes are famous at home and in Paradigm Norton.

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