Client Manager, Bristol Office

“When I joined Paradigm Norton it was like being welcomed into a big, happy family – definitely one of my best career decisions.”

Bristol Office

Paradigm House, Macrae Road
Ham Green, Bristol, BS20 0DD

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Caroline has been helping clients to make good, well-informed financial decisions since qualifying as a financial planner in 1997. Her experience includes 10 years with a leading accountancy firm and 6 years with a smaller local practice.

She has long believed that money is a means to an end and that whatever your goal in life, it is easier to achieve if your finances are well-organised and you have a clear plan.

Caroline’s most rewarding role is helping clients have the confidence to make positive changes and consider alternative options – perhaps to retire early, or to gift money to their family or to charity. On the other hand, she is not afraid to deliver a wake-up call if a client is spending beyond their means!

Outside of work

Caroline is an outdoor enthusiast who loves to travel and has a long bucket list; finding the time to tackle it is a constant challenge! Her favourite places include the Dolomites, Yellowstone National Park, Crete, India, wildlife spotting in the Rockies or Africa.…and anywhere with great food!