Paradigm Norton was formed in 2001. Our vision was to build a fee only financial planning firm which placed our clients firmly at the centre of everything we did for them.

We agonized over a name until we finally came across the word ‘Paradigm’ – this was our ‘eureka’ moment. The word Paradigm encapsulated all we wanted to express within our business, in that it spoke of looking at something (money in our case) from a completely different perspective.

paradigmWe begin our discussions with our clients from the perspective that ‘You can’t take your money with you’. Simple yet profound.

If we accept this premise, it leads us to recognise that a person’s role in relation to their money is actually that of ‘steward’ rather than ‘owner’.

Everyone will have a different amount of money to steward but all will have the same responsibilities: to enjoy it, share it, spend it, give it, grow it and use it towards ends that bring to both themselves and to others:
joy, success, stability, peace of mind, fun, fulfillment and a future.

Paradigm Norton’s clients do genuinely experience a ‘Paradigm Shift’ as they begin to view the wealth accumulation process through this lens and thus start to cogitate over the ‘here and now’ and how satisfied they are with their present circumstances, financial position etc. Some start to envision a different future asking questions such as:

  • How much should I give away?
  • How much should I transition to the next generation?
  • Should I buy a second or third home?
  • What happens when I die – will my Partner be well looked after financially?

This is where we fit into the picture.

Once our clients have clarified their ‘money philosophy,’ their ‘money Paradigm’ and what it is that they want to do with their wealth, we are able to explain to them the affordability of the goals that they have articulated.

What I have defined here is the financial planning process that our clients so appreciate.

What’s your philosophy of money? How would you describe your money Paradigm or Perspective?

“Get rich quick” could be one?
“Become a millionaire” could be another?

We would challenge your answer by asking ‘Why?’ ‘For what reason?’
Be clear on what you are aiming for and why.

We have the pleasure of working with some of the UK’s wealthier individuals and families and they often remark, despite the often held paradigm which suggests to the contrary, that having money doesn’t equal happiness.

What are your firmly held beliefs about your money and your wealth, as this defines your ‘Money Paradigm’?

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