The Trust began life in 2006, with a significant donation to Nakulabye School in Uganda, a project introduced to us by clients who were involved in the work there.

nakulabye - group at sign 4 (good)Since then it has distributed over £100,000 largely to a range of causes based either in the South West of England, where most of us live and work, or in the developing world where we have built up a series of connections.

The Paradigm Norton Board decided to launch the Trust for several reasons. We saw it as a way of the firm giving something back into the community, whilst also ensuring that we “walked the talk”. Paradigm Norton’s clients are encouraged to include giving as part of their overall financial planning, and we wanted to model this in the way we ran the business. Our Team gets immersed in the giving decisions, which gives them the opportunity for hands on involvement with philanthropy.

Over the last 8 years the Trust has found its place within the life and culture of our business. We have had presentations from some of the causes we support at Team Days, which have helped us to engage with their work. Our team members have been stimulated by learning what goes on amongst the more marginalised members of society, and have really embraced a number of the projects as a result. We have also organised visits to some of the projects local to the South West, and there have even been several instances when holidays have included a visit to the more distant projects.

Clients and staff members alike are encouraged to approach us if there is a cause they particularly wish us to support, or for whom they are participating in a sponsored event. This has led to us supporting many and varied activities. However, the core of the Trust’s giving is to approximately 10 charities with whom we have built a relationship over time. These charities, the majority of which are overseas, work mostly where there is a need for education, the relief of poverty and support for children.

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