With the UK’s referendum vote on whether or not to remain in the EU almost upon us, this note looks at the impact that BREXIT could potentially have on client portfolios. The market risks may seem material, but they are mitigated by the ownership of robustly structured, well-diversified portfolios. The key is to stay calm in the face of market uncertainty. ‘This too shall pass’ as the investment sage John Bogle has said many times before at other seemingly concerning times.

As the referendum to remain in, or leave, the European Union draws near, we thought it would be a useful time to touch base and provide some reassurance that the investment portfolio that we look after for you is well positioned to weather any investment storms ahead.

In this brief note, we raise a number of potential risks that exist and how these are mitigated, to a large extent, by the current structure of your portfolio. We do not seek to analyse the debate, provide our slant on it, or steer you in any direction. We do, however, encourage you to vote as part of our robust democracy – in whatever way you see fit – because a high turnout gives legitimacy to the vote, dilutes extreme views and provides you with the right to complain, if the vote goes against you.

Spring 2016 Tax Newsletter» The outcome of the referendum and your portfolio – download the PDF

RMT Ref 145/06.16/SL

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