“As a business owner, Paradigm Norton give me confidence to forget about money for a while.”

Tim Summers,
Co-founder, Temple Bright LLP




Client Relationship Manager, Bristol Office

“I am fortunate to work with many interesting Paradigm Norton clients and enjoy the variety each day brings. The team are fantastic and all strive to provide our clients with a great Paradigm Norton experience.”


Good financial planning should pay for itself, so if we believe we cannot add value to you, your charity or business we will let you know at the initial meeting.

Reasons you may need a Financial Planner

We know that life is always changing and there are certain times when you need more guidance. A significant life event is often the trigger to seek a Financial Planner, this can include:

Selling your business

Whether you are in the process of selling or have already sold your business, financial planning will give you clear direction for your life and finances, helping you take control of the next stage of your life.

Planning for your retirement

Retirement can trigger both fear and joy. Whether it’s a question of how much you need or how to spend your free time, having a clear plan aligned to your finances can help answer these big questions providing reassurance you’re on track to enjoy your retirement.

A life changing event

It is an unfortunate truth of life that the unexpected happens. Losing a loved one, going through a divorce or coping with ill health all throw up questions that can change your perspective. Having a financial plan will lessen the financial burden of the unexpected.

You received an inheritance

Many clients feel a great sense of responsibility when they inherit money, you want to make sure you are doing right by your loved ones and for your future. A lifetime financial plan will map out your financial options to support your life goals.

The performance of your investments

Our approach to investing is different. We align your life goals with your financial investments to create an investment strategy unique to you.

You’re building wealth

A Financial Planner will keep your finances structured to focus on your goals. As your wealth grows you have reassurance that your life goals and finances are connected through a cohesive financial plan.

You’re a time poor entrepreneur

As a successful entrepreneur your time will be precious. Having accumulated assets, you’ll want to make sure they are working as hard as you. A Financial Planner will act as your personal finance director, reducing stress and worry.

Passing on your wealth

Passing on wealth to the next generation or multiple generations can raise many questions. A Financial Planner can assess the best mechanisms for you to transition your wealth incorporating your wishes into your lifetime financial plan.

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