Paradigm Norton was formed in 2001 with a clear purpose – “To deliver financial peace of mind and help our clients prepare for an uncertain future”. Our key purpose is to help you achieve and financially model your dreams, hopes, aspirations and future plans.

We are a multi-award-winning firm of financial planners who put you at the centre of everything we do.

Our clients:

You will be a delegator, require the highest levels of client care and want to work with an award winning and highly technically competent team. Most often our clients will have accumulated capital in excess of £250,000 or be on track to building such wealth within a year or two.

You will be goal focused and have a busy life that prevents you from devoting the time and attention to your finances that you would ideally like. Building a high level of trust and a long-term relationship with your professional advisers is therefore paramount.

Most often our clients will be looking for help with goal planning, cash flow modelling, building a financial Planning strategy, wealth distribution, wealth management, retirement planning, tax planning and mitigation, investment planning, business succession planning and more recently the issues associated with establishing work place pension arrangements (auto-enrolment)

At the heart of what we do is to cause our clients to reflect and consider what do they really want out of life, what are their dreams, hopes, aspirations and passions? Do they have the quality of life that they set out to achieve? Can they afford to do what they really want to do? – This is financial planning.

At Paradigm Norton we work with high-earning and time-poor individuals. We do for them what a finance director and finance team do in business. We financially model their personal finances and help them set goals and reorder their priorities.

Our planning achieves three clear outcomes:

  • Time – to be able to focus on and achieve what is most important to them
  • Clarity – a clear financial roadmap of what the next 10, 20, 30 years might look like
  • Fund – typically our clients will accumulate more wealth than they could achieve on their own

Over recent years we have helped one client retire five years earlier than they had anticipated, another go onto a four-day week so as to spend more time with the family without compromising their lifestyles and another where we have worked with them to create an affordable yet ambitious ‘bucket list’ that they are steadily working through.

Exceptional client service is at the heart of everything that we do. By design we only act for a relatively small number of clients, which allows us to devote a significant amount of time to each and every one. At the present time we only act for 750 (August 2015) private clients. A competitor firm of our size would typically act for over 5000 clients.

“The service I receive from Paradigm Norton is exceptional, efficient, intelligent, sensitive, supportive and effective.” Vanessa Branson. Director, Equilibrium Hotels – Read full testimonial

Our team-based approach

One of our main strengths at Paradigm Norton is our team-based approach to financial planning and problem solving.

We enjoy a challenge and our clients tell us that we are fun to work with. We want to spend time with you to understand what makes you tick and we believe that a team-based approach creates better solutions for you.

“We employ an extremely creative and highly technically qualified team of professionals, both in client-facing and in operational roles. We do this because it is their ideas which create the leading-edge financial solutions and strategies that Paradigm Norton delivers.”Richard Child, Paradigm Norton

Read about our core values.

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