Why do we report on our impact?


In 2019 we became a Certified B Corporation, which means we commit to doing business for good. Most businesses concentrate on making profits, ensuring shareholders are happy, growing revenue and increasing margins, but unfortunately, this one-dimensional approach doesn’t allow them to do it responsibly. B Corp is all about reaching and positively impacting beyond the […]

Why do we take part in Financial Planning Week?


As we once again support Financial Planning week, we find a lot of people asking why we are such avid supporters of the initiative. For us it’s simple – it’s about doing the right thing. We all know that access to solid financial education is difficult for many parts of modern society, and access to […]

Life is unpredictable

Money matters, but life matters more. Chance encounters, personal connections, and (to an extent) the unexpected all contribute to what the French would call, Joie de vivre. We use our money to serve these desires, as well as the more mundane side of life. We should also use our money to provide security, space, and […]