Hannah Thorp

Marketing Manager

Hannah joined Paradigm Norton in 2021 after working for various small IFAs and making a mark on the profession by launching the Are You In? movement in 2018.

Before this, Hannah worked in both the tech and music industries developing a wide range of marketing skills and knowledge that she has thrived upon after finding her niche in financial planning and high net worth clients.

Hannah has a particular interest in incorporating purposeful initiatives and personality into both internal and external communications. The B Corp Certification accredited to Paradigm Norton in 2019 is a vital part of the brand that Hannah hopes to bring to the forefront.

Outside of work
Away from the desk Hannah is a keen supporter of LGBTQ+ initiatives, often attending and volunteering at charitable events. She is an avid traveller and loves planning multi destination trips with her partner and family. Food is also high on the agenda for Hannah, from creating fusion recipes to trying out new restaurants in London.