Employee owned

The freedom of employee ownership

In March 2019, Paradigm Norton officially joined more than 350 UK businesses to become employee owned. This means we’re all partners. We all want to make a positive contribution, to give back to the world, rather than just take from it. Together, we run a business we are proud of.

Employee ownership allows us to retain the values and service that drive us forward.

It ticks all our boxes. It provides clarity of our future direction for the next generation and creates an environment where the whole team has input into running the company.

In this video – Our Road to Employee Ownership – we talk about our journey to employee ownership, our structure and maintaining high-quality client service.

Taking employee engagement to a new level

Employee ownership aligns with our value of building for the future. It also has a positive impact on employee wellbeing resulting from transparency and a shared vision, which are intrinsic to the dynamic of employee ownership. We have a Head of People, conduct an annual happiness survey, talk openly about mental health and run team days with inspirational speakers.

“We won’t be distracted by comparison if we're captivated by purpose”

Bob Goff

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